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Companies need reliable tools and software products to keep their operations running smoothly, especially in complex environments. For example, say you have a fleet of trucks and dozens of warehouses, that can mean hundreds of people coming in and out of your facilities daily. You need to keep track of customers, vendors, inventory, facilities cleanliness, security, utilities, etc.. How do you ensure you manage and track all these processes efficiently? Some of the largest companies in the world solve this problem by automating these processes through a Facility Management software like mobile app, a enterprise resource planning (ERP) or both. In this article, we overview Facility Management ERP . What ERP is, some of its core features, and whether this is the right solution for your organization. 

ERP is an integrated management solution

 that aids in managing the main day-to-day business processes. ERP systems also allow for scalability, as businesses are able to customize them to their specific needs. They offer company-wide visibility and provide real-time insights into various business areas, such as, sales trends, customer preferences, financial performance, and inventory levels. Facility Management ERP can integrate all of the facilities management processes into one system, providing a holistic view of facilities operations bringing together; people, whether staff, visitors or customers; building resources, and assets into one place.

Facilities are the physical infrastructure of a business, housing employees and assets. To run efficiently, facilities require effective management solutions and strategies. Facility Management ERP provides businesses with the tools to manage and maintain their spaces. The facility management module includes features such as:

  • Preventive maintenance scheduling 

  • Asset tracking and management 

  • Space utilization analysis 

  • Vendor and contractor management 

  • Scheduling

  • Collections

In addition to these core features, facility management software also include business intelligence tools such as visual dashboards to help businesses generate insights into their facility management. Companies then use this data to build more effective business models, enabling enterprises to make informed decisions regarding their facilities. All these features enable businesses to keep their facilities running smoothly and effectively.

NTS Facility Management ERP

 is simple and efficient, it classifies the tasks to manage facilities related to different departments within a facility. We offer repair centers which are created to allocate expenses incurred on facilities. With NTS’s facility management system, you will reach optimum benefit and utility for facility managers, property owners, and maintenance teams seeking a comprehensive, reliable facility solution. We help manage reminders and alerts to all accounts, contract management, service planner, repair history, resident satisfaction, automatic messages support system, and service level agreements (SLA).

Whether you work in hospitality, housekeeping, guarding, security, residential maintenance, we have you covered in facing challenges like delays, lost messages within departments, service continuity, on-time and accurate billing, and compliance.

When it comes to managing inventory and supply chain management, it’s the essential system of many businesses. And it can be integrated into Facility Management Software. The inventory and supply chain module enables companies to manage their inventory levels, optimize the use of resources and materials, and streamline their supply chain processes. 

Supply chain and inventory management modules have features such as: 

  • Supplier management 

  • Order tracking and management 

  • Shipping and receiving optimization 

  • Integration with third-party shipping and collecting services

  • Inventory tracking and management 

  • Purchasing decision support 

  • Real-time inventory visibility 

  • Inventory forecasting 

  • Business intelligence tools such as analytics and reporting  

By leveraging these features, businesses track and monitor their inventory levels in real time and ensure the efficient facility management of their resources. This enables companies to make informed decisions regarding their supply chain and optimize the use of materials. Businesses also generate insights into inventory levels and develop more effective business models.

With all the benefits a business can reap from a Facility Management ERP, it can be further maximized by the use of a mobile app. mobile app provides facility managers with real-time updates, a means to communicate, collaborate and manage their teams smoothly while on the move.  For FM providers, a Facility Management mobile app with a customer module can greatly enhance the business’s customer centricity, by real-time visibility for the customer, in addition to open communication and instant feedback.

A well designed Facility Management mobile app will streamline your FM operations in a lot of ways such as;

  • Productivity: with on-demand updates, FM employees can work whenever and wherever they choose. The increased flexibility will maximize efficiency.

  • Improved Communication: with push alerts and updates, employees and customers will have easier and faster access to service requests, work orders, company directory, support tickets, etc.

  • Safety & Security: mobile app can minimize human errors, monitoring and managing assets’ usage and access.

In short, a Facility Management software, whether ERP or mobile app or both should maximize the efficiency of your FM business, ensure smooth operations, streamline your processes and much more.

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