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When it comes to tracking finances, sales, movements, inventory. Including any surpluses or deficits, we have your back. Our ERP systems for distributors use sales order management features to automate order processing, sales analysis, and sales channels management. Read more
Distribution Clients
We create custom designed E-commerce websites with carefully chosen visual elements, layout and navigation focused on achieving maximum success. We offer a mobile optimized responsive design approach so that your website looks beautiful on all devices. Read more
E-commerce Clients
The training industry is constantly evolving, and businesses need software solutions that can keep up with the latest trends. NTS provides software solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of the training industry. Our solutions help businesses automate their processes, reduce errors, improve visibility, meet government regulations, and protect data. Read More
Training Clients
NTS cloud-based solution for all small and midmarket technologies. Our software helps organizations manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, as well as supply chain operations. Read more
Technology Clients
When it comes to keeping a track of all your sub-contractors, building materials, human resources, plant and assets, and other running costs that don't appear on the daily balance sheet Read more
Contracting Clients
As fashion changes rapidly, it grows more and more to use technology in order to keep up. Our innovative technology helps you respond to changing consumer trends and regulatory demands and transform your business. Read more
Fashion Clients
If you operate a clinic, we set up systems to manage your daily clinic information, clinic patients’ reports, medical history, and daily checkup system including alerts for medications Read more
Clinic Clients
Engineers need an ERP system that meets their unique needs, including creating and managing bills of Materials, automating routing steps, and connecting model systems. Read more
Engineering Clients
Our ERP system helps your manufacturing company to manage and optimize your business processes, starting from manufacturing, accounting, finance, human relations, and logistics. Read more
Factories Clients
Project Management
We familiarize your company with visual workflow management, creating boards to keep track of everything from vendors to procurement and inventory, along with all your financial and accounting procedures. Read more
Project Management Clients
Facility Management
NTS ERP System is simple and efficient, It classifies the tasks to manage facilities related to different departments within a facility. We offer repair centers which are created to allocate expenses incurred on facilities. Read more
Facility Management Clients