Odoo Partner

Odoo Partnership

Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that cover all your company system needs: CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, project management, HR, …. etc. Odoo’s framework is unique as it allows its community developers to provide top-notch usability scales across all apps. Its mission is to provide software with full-featured, tightly integrated, effortless upgrades while running smoothly for every business and user.

Odoo has more than 8 million users all around the world. Also, it has 3600+ partners in 307 countries around the globe. As an Odoo customer, there are benefits you can only get through working with an official Odoo partner. Official Odoo partners are fully trained with access to weekly training sessions. They also have access to the Odoo Enterprise source code, through the direct relationship they have with Odoo, which allows them to escalate any issues that end users might face.

Another benefit of working with an Odoo partner, they have different partnership models in accordance with the number of clients they have, and subsequently, the benefits and perks are given to the partner.

Ready Partners:

Partners with 10 or fewer users.

Silver Partners:

Partners who have qualified for the Odoo Silver Partner level are experienced in implementing Odoo ERP projects with a minimum of 75 users. Odoo Silver partners enjoy enhanced benefits as well as access to additional resources to support the growth of their business with Odoo. Odoo Silver partners also have to follow a minimum of 2 official Odoo training sessions.

Gold Partners:

Odoo Gold partners have a strategic relationship with Odoo, where Odoo is at the core of their strategy. Odoo Gold partners have committed significant resources to develop and deploy Odoo solutions. Odoo Gold partners benefit from the highest visibility in the Odoo ecosystem. Odoo Gold partners also have to follow a minimum number of Odoo training sessions.

 Odoo Partner

Here at NTS, being an Odoo Silver partner, we enable our clients to start and grow their Odoo competencies, while having a smooth integration with their already existing systems. Our clients can surely benefit from a comprehensive set of services including implementation, integration, training, technical support and access to leads which allow them to build their business at their own pace. While providing different services such as HR, finance, accounting, ….etc.

As an official Odoo silver partner, we commit to:

  • Train your staff by following Odoo training sessions and guidelines (provided by Odoo)

  • Have dedicated resources assigned to your Odoo projects

  • Be at your disposal for regular meetings with Odoo account managers for any technical help.

  • Promote Odoo Enterprise in your region along with all its applications through our various channels.

Setup Odoo

NTS assists and guides you in various Odoo-related operations such as Odoo Implementation, Odoo customization, Odoo training, software developers, Odoo tech support, Odoo integration services, and Odoo web development.

Every process related to Odoo implementation and management requires the hands of experts with years of experience in every aspect of the Odoo platform. We can help you to integrate Odoo into your business to generate maximum efficiency out of the Odoo platform.

Odoo Implementation And Odoo Management

Odoo implementation is a complex process and it requires experts. Without the technical expertise for Odoo management, it can often be a time and energy-consuming process for the users. That is why, here at NTS, we offer hassle-free Odoo implementation/integration. Being an official Odoo Silver partner we ensure that the implementation is fully based on your business requirements and management strategies in accordance with the latest trends offered by Odoo.

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