Best Odoo Partner In Egypt

Being one of the best Odoo partner in Egypt is not an easy goal to achieve. An Odoo partner has to excel at providing software solutions and services, and to assist companies to make the best corporate decisions, in a way that excels other Odoo partners in Egypt. As one of the best Odoo silver partners in Egypt, NTS can provide you with exceptional software solutions and services at such competitive rates. 

Who We Are

We are an esteemed IT company offering advanced, high quality and affordable IT Business Solutions. Furthermore, we serve different countries across the globe. We have been working mainly on Odoo implementation and development, ERP solutions, and mobile apps. NTS is one of the silver Odoo Partners in Egypt.

In order to be hands-on in the tech industry, NTS has managed to obtain key professional individuals in various business solutions with previous experience in the best Odoo partners in Egypt. Our team of experts has a long collective experience in various Odoo services, They are specialists in business applications, consultants, and software development gurus. Our team seamlessly works together to provide businesses with both the technical and business aspects to cover the whole spectrum of business applications.

Who Our Clients Are

We serve local, multinational and foreign companies, and help them set up and implement Odoo ERP. We also provide our clients with the means to understand business processes and implement business systems by using Odoo ERP. Our work spans industries, the private and government sectors, any entity which is looking for the best Odoo partner in Egypt. Whether our client is a local operator looking to improve its business system or foreign business requires a professional IT consultant, we partner together to pursue this opportunity.

Best Odoo Partner In Egypt

What We Can Do

We at NTS, can provide companies with IT products, customized solutions and services which can easily be applied and integrated into the company’s business processes in alliance to the latest trends in the market. NTS provides systems in ERP Implementation, outsourcing, and SaaS which includes post consultation. 

We work closely in collaboration with clients to ensure that every project they need communicates their unique identity and objective. Setting up the leading Open Source ERP software your company could need, we offer expertise and knowledge. We understand the complexities of business processes while adopting a new system for your business, we invest our expertise in Odoo implementation while making sure that the transition will be as smooth as it can be.

NTS provides data life cycle management from end to end for all industries and business areas, starting from Operational systems such as ERP and CRM to business departments from HR, finance, accounting, to implementation and consultations, as well as application development outsourcing, business intelligence, enterprise application integration, e-Commerce applications, resource augmentation and technical services to global companies. All the applications you deserve by dealing with one of the best Odoo partners in Egypt.

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