Human Resources Software

What is Human Resources?

The human resources department, commonly referred to as HR, is the arm of your business responsible for overseeing your employees’ experience from hire to exit. This team often handles recruitment, onboarding, retention, development, separation as well as and guiding employees across the business. All these processes have been heavily integrated with technology. Since running any business requires efficient management of all resources, people or otherwise, it’s smart to integrate into your system. We have been able to create human resources software to ease the HR operations, and make it seamless. Let us look at some of the ways such an integration works. 

Human Resources Software
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Human resources is one of the most important departments in any business. Yet, so many HR departments struggle with quality and efficiency issues. From paper piles, to phone calls all day. Emails go unanswered. HR inefficiencies can lead to more significant problems in the workplace. Your employees need HR to gain access to crucial information related to things like their compensation, benefits, schedule, training, and more. A well-built human resources software can provide such access easily and conveniently. 

The inability to access this information can create dissatisfied employees, which consequently leads to low productivity. Some companies have HR functionalities and information accessible through a web portal, but that’s not really enough. The best way to have an efficient HR department is with a human resources mobile app linked to your HR ERP. Mobile apps make it easy for improve internal communication with its deskless workforce. Your employees, wherever they are, need to be kept up to date and have access to critical information in real-time to be used in any task at hand. The majority of HR leaders plan to increase technology investments in the coming year. So if your company can’t adapt, your problems will only get worse.

How do ERP systems serve HR? 

ERP software introduces many benefits to your operations, particularly your Human Resources, by giving you the tools to: 

Centralize Your Database - Your HR team will no longer need to use paperwork for every personnel issue, as all relevant information is available within your human resources ERP system’s database. You can pull information about an employee, department, or entire workforce with a few clicks. Such ease of controlled information access enables better planning and situation management. 

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Employee Engagement -  A challenging topic to manage. Regardless of your industry or business size, employee engagement can make or break the success of your company. Communication is the key to success at every level of your business. But it’s even more important for HR departments since the information being provided is so crucial to the work life of your staff. According to recent research, most of the workforce says that poor communication is causing them stress at work. This stress is impacting performance. In fact, employees who suffer miscommunication said that they’ve wanted to quit because ineffective communication has hindered their ability to do their jobs. A human resources ERP system can drastically boost engagement at work. It’s also one of the best ways to improve internal communications and performance management with field employees. It will keep your employees informed on important matters on a timely manner, with access to accurate information just a few clicks away.  

Productivity - in relation to engagement, is clear. Low engagement leads to reduced employee productivity as well. This is a significant problem since it directly impacts the bottom line of your business. If your staff isn’t getting as much work done, then it costs you more money to operate, which results in lower profit margins. As a result, employees feel overwhelmed at work due to broken communication methods. That’s why your company needs to adapt to a new human resources ERP system.

Accuracy - In relation to human error, a human resources ERP system reduces the risk of human error. If you aren’t using technology to streamline your HR department, there’s a good chance that you’ve run into problems like this in the past. In terms of attendance, scheduling, vacation time, and time tracking, system will be much more efficient. You can even automate specific workflows. Your team, stakeholders, and HR team will all have access to everyone’s schedule. So there won’t be any miscommunication about who was supposed to be working or when they were supposed to arrive. If someone wants to request vacation time or call in sick, everything can be managed directly within the system. This is much more accurate than relying on email correspondence for something so important. If your team has to email their manager for time off, and the manager has to approve the time by submitting another email to HR, it becomes a chain of events that is bound to error.

Why Do You Need A Human Resources Mobile App?

The advantages of a human resources mobile app are seemingly endless. Normally, all teams in every department are already using their iOS and Android devices on a daily basis, it only makes sense to provide valuable HR resources to them via mobile as well. Theoretically, they could use a smartphone to access an HR web portal. But that won’t deliver a good user experience, it will be a difficult transition, employees will resort to the old ways, and eventually they probably won’t take advantage of it. As 90% of mobile time is spent in apps, this is how your staff wants to access information. Think about your team who isn’t tied to a desk. How are they supposed to access HR information when a problem arises anytime?

HR departments in big corporations, freelancers, deskless employees, remote workers, and staff who are on the go need a human resources mobile app to manage their work.

Being forced to visit the HR office, make a call, or send an email isn’t nearly as convenient as opening an app on your device which you already constantly use each day, and get your work done. However, most employees say they could get half of their work done using just a smartphone. Such convenience will also increase your employees' engagement with the organization. A human resources mobile app will provide your employees with fast and reliable access to all their HR requirements, like managing vacations, information about payroll, training plans, benefits, events, and much more.

By giving your staff access to work-related information in a human resources mobile app, it will automatically boost their productivity. Without an app, your staff is forced to connect with HR by either calling, emailing, or physically visiting the human resources office. This takes too much time away from more important tasks. It creates productivity problems for the workers seeking information, as well as your HR staff that needs to provide them with assistance. An app essentially kills two birds with one stone. Your staff will be able to access information more efficiently without causing any bottlenecks in the HR department. 

Creating a human resources mobile app and feeding it with all the accurate data and work-related information your employees need will significantly decrease human error and misinformation that might occur with regular visits and emails.

In short, in this day and time, managing an HR department without a Human Resources software is a daunting task, prone to human error, which could lead to severe employee, organizational and even legal problems. Investing in Human Resources software, whether just a ERP system only or adding a mobile app, will definitely increase your whole organization’s productivity and performance.

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