Custom Mobile App Development

Here at NTS, we manage both custom and hybrid mobile app development, but first, what does that mean? 

Hybrid mobile app development 

allows you to create your application once and then deploy it across different platforms, including iOS, Android, or Windows. This saves time and effort for developers working on multiple projects designed specifically for each platform.
Custom mobile app development is the designing of software applications for users in an organization to fulfill specific business needs. Designing and developing your own custom app addresses particular obligations rather than the more conventional and standard software.

Whether you are building a mobile app that serves your business, or an app to improve your personal life in general. How you choose the kind of app, is really crucial to your app'app's success. How you make this decision depends on several factors. As hybrid mobile app development falls into the middle-of-the spectrum between mobile apps and websites they are similar and share several characteristics, and these two approaches are clearly better in the long run. NTS helps you to understand the difference between custom and hybrid app development and uncovers the main debates of each of them.

What kind of mobile app development company should be chosen: native apps or hybrid mobile apps? Let’s dig a little deeper.
The development of custom (native) apps presumes the development of a solution for a certain iOS or Android platform. In this case, the development team needs at least 2 people who will develop each of the platforms independently or slightly dependent on each other. 
Hybrid mobile app development is mobile app development for both platforms at the same time, and one person can develop a solution for 2 platforms at once. Which saves time and effort.

Hybrid App Development Benefits

Hybrid mobile app development is development for multiple platforms at once, 
You do not need to pay for the work of several teams because one team can create a solution for iOS and Android at once, and development time is reduced because you do not need to develop 2 separate applications.

When you finally decide to go with hybrid mobile app development, the question arises: which tool should you use? What are React Native and Flutter? React Native and Flutter are hybrid mobile app development frameworks. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, each uses its programming language. We help you understand and ease the decision-making process. As well as the ability to create applications not only for mobile platforms but also web apps, Windows, and macOS operating systems,

Custom Mobile App Development

Custom Mobile App Development Benefits

Everything is quite simple, in custom mobile app development there are certain specifications, since your app is mainly developed for a certain framework, fairly clear rules for existing elements, and if you need to customize some simple elements, you can add or modify whatever you need. For example, a specific team will be focused on your app, most probably using flutter. In turn, Flutter is already a blank slate and the customization of elements is almost limitless. Also, Flutter for the same Android requires writing much less code.

Choosing a team of custom mobile app development companies for your development needs is a challenging task. You need to find a reliable, experienced partner that will fully focus on your business needs and will know how to build mobile apps that will impress.

At NTS, the availability of expertise in the development field, our company’s experience in both native and hybrid app development, availability of experts specializing in different areas like design, development, testing, etc. are the most crucial factors that should guide you while choosing the development partner. 

NTS team has more than a decade of experience in building custom native and hybrid apps. We have a rich portfolio of successfully finished projects and numerous positive reviews from our clients. Our team offers a wide variety of services including the discovery stage, building MVP, providing out-staffing, and team augmentation services. If you are in search of an expert and reliable mobile app development partner who will understand your needs and contribute to your higher business productivity and growth, you are in the right place.

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