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It’s no secret that we’re living in a mobile-obsessed world. As a business owner, you need to understand these trends and go beyond your website to serve customers. Having a mobile app to supplement your website has become a necessity. Luckily, hiring a mobile app development company is no longer a challenge, and it provides you with limitless benefits for your business.

Starting from scratch is arguably the hardest part of this entire process. You might start with a Google search for “best mobile app development companies in Egypt” or “top mobile app development companies in Egypt”, or something along those lines. The initial search will yield a lot of hits for web apps, mobile apps, hybrid mobile app development, cross-platform app development, and more. But this isn’t enough information to start hiring mobile app developers just yet. You need to start with a clear picture of what type of mobile app you want. Are you creating a community app? A business app for employee communication? An app to sell your products or services? The reasons are limitless.

As one of the top mobile app development company in the market, we empower manufacturers, retailers, business owners, customers, merchants and other players in the tech. industry to make more money and stay relevant in such a tech-forward society.

User/Customer Experience

When you look at popular apps around the world like Amazon or Facebook, you’ll quickly see that the user interface is far superior compared to the web versions. The best mobile app development companies in Egypt are those who have a strong user experience team.

If you are looking to hire a mobile app development company in Egypt, you should definitely put into consideration how agile and lean your app must be. Every action is just a click, swipe, or tap away. It’s easy to filter any information based on different search criteria, and users can quickly scroll through data and learn more information about something new that’s accessible wherever you might be. There’s obviously nothing wrong with having a website, and that’s something you’ll need for sure. But the website doesn’t quite serve customers as well as an app when users are navigating from smartphones and tablets, rather than a PC. Mobile sites just aren’t as responsive and don’t connect with the phone’s internal components the same way as an app. Users spend more than four times the amount of time using an app compared to a website when browsing from their smartphones. Session times are nearly triple the amount on apps vs. websites from tablets.

Engagement and Retention

In addition to an improved user experience, a top mobile app development company can secure your business with higher customer engagement, as apps are significantly better for engagement compared to any other digital touchpoint. Once downloaded, your app is just a click away from being used. People can navigate to your app in seconds with a single click, which is much easier than opening a web browser and manually typing in a website only to have an inferior experience that might be influenced by different browsers.

Moreover, apps are twice as likely to retain users compared to mobile websites. People feel more attached to the app since it’s on their phone, also it has all the history of their engagement, so that they could easily access it anywhere, anytime. Eventually, if you can hire a mobile app development company in Egypt to develop your app, there’s a great chance of keeping your users close to your brand. 

A mobile app also makes it much easier to target new customers, for example, maybe the majority of your career has been spent selling products to nearby users. But with an app, you can easily expand and penetrate new markets. Not only will you use the app to connect end users with local merchants, you could also have specific parts of your app that target a very specific type of audience. 

Of the 70% of people who actively use apps, those people use the app at least three times per week. Even if people aren’t using your app on a regular basis, it’s much easier to drive engagement with an app compared to other digital touchpoints. You can send targeted push notifications about a new product/service that will encourage inactive users to open the app, even if they don’t have the willingness to buy. This is much more effective than the traditional ways like email marketing, or retargeting the audience, and it’s not something that can be replicated with a website alone.

If you can carefully select the best mobile app development company in Egypt, for you and your business, you can really help take your personal brand to the next level. You can have a help agent app, even if you’re operating a small business or working on your own. These apps are easy to develop and operate while maintaining a low cost. But if you can live in your customers’ pockets through a smartphone app, it gives you a significant competitive advantage over the market players. 

At NTS, as a top mobile app development company, we can develop your app, giving it the capability to do things that go above and beyond your website, email, or social media management platform. The capabilities and customization options are virtually limitless when you choose a mobile app. Anyone can download your app once it hits the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. So you’ll be exposed to even more people who would otherwise only be able to find you through search engines and social sites.

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